28th Amendment paper v2.0

28th Amendment paper v2.0 - Mike Fisch American Government...

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Mike Fisch Prof. Overlan American Government. 9/25/07 Amendment XXVIII: Military Draft This amendment was proposed on September 27, 2007, and is to be ratified. Section 1 : In times of peace, the military will remain a volunteer armed force. After a declaration of War by the Congress, a draft will be issued only to eligible men of the age of 20 and under the age of 28. Women will not be drafted. Men and women above the age of 18 wishing to volunteer into the military at the time when Congress declares war will have this right and this right shall not be infringed. (Harris, 2001) Section 2 : Persons exempt from this draft will include men currently: serving in the military, attending a military academy or university, confined to hospital or psychiatric institution, severely handicapped and imprisoned in a government correctional facility. Section 3 : Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation. This amendment is needed because it will influence the policy of the U.S. government when declaring war. It will add pressure to Congress because the U.S. citizens will be much more encouraged to pay attention to politics knowing that their lives may be sacrificed if Congress does declare war. This antebellum tension exerted by the public onto Congress will force our government to be much more conservative and careful in declaring war. I believe that
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28th Amendment paper v2.0 - Mike Fisch American Government...

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