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Tips for the Argument Essay

Tips for the Argument Essay - interpretations to criticism...

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Tips for the Argument Essay Quality: Make your contribution true Quantity: Make your contribution as informative as is required; give the right  amount of information Manner: Be clear, avoid obscurity, ambiguity Relevance: Stay on point, don’t change the subject Give Reasons: When we give reasons, we seek to identify beliefs that we share with our  audience that we think serve as a basis or justification for reaching the interpretations  or conclusions to which we have come.  In giving reasons, then, not only do we increase  the chances of bringing others to believe what we believe, we open our own 
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Unformatted text preview: interpretations to criticism by others, thus increasing our chances of reaching more correct interpretations. Logos logical reasoning Pathosrefers to the appeal writers sometimes make to the reader’s emotions Ethos ethical appeal, refers to the writer’s attempt to present him or herself as an ethical or credible person A successful argument is built around the writer’s: 1. anticipation of possible objections to his or her position 2. reasonable explanations about why these objections do not disprove the original thesis...
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