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Natalie Robles Com 100 R. Hastings HOMEWORK WARM UP The Opening Face Off: The eager Players on the newly made ice leaned forward. As the referee skated to the center of the ice to drop the puck. The Ice was glassy and the colors of the players uniforms reflected from the surface. The referee blew his whistle and the fans grew eager. The referee called to the team captains and the fans leaned forward. The referee dropped the puck and began the game. Deluxe Pizza : The slightly sweet sauce fills the room, as it steams and bubbles. The cheese melts over the pizza. The Pizza Site in the middle of the table, fresh from the over. The golden brown crust is thick and is like a wall the way it surrounds the rest of the ingredients. The pizza is covered with pepperoni slices. The sauce is full red and is contrasted by the shiny dappled by pepperoni. Mushroom slices rest in the sauce. The slices of mushroom are soft, slightly curved, and shriveled. The green and black olives are scattered about. They dot the surface. The cheese is creamy and it enmeshes everything in its weblike strands. The strands trap the taste until someone releases it with a bite. UNIT 2 RELATIVE CLAUSES Pg. 20: I A) Stephen King says the best horror movies appeal to the worst in human nature, his movies Misery portrayed a demented fan trying to keep her favorite author captive. B) Dogs copy the behavior of their owners, often picking up bad habits C) The Chinese diet contains one-third less fat than the American diet. D) Fisherman off the coast of Alaska work up an appetite for more than tuna casserole, they can now radio the domino’s in Juneau for a pizza delivery to the boats in the Bering Sea. E) El Nino can cause droughts in Australia and flooding rains in North America, beginning with an unusual shift in the Southwest Pacific, the shift in wind changes the ocean current. II F) Interactive television, which allows viewers to pay bills and shop for groceries without leaving home, gives couch potatoes new incentives to stay put.
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G) W.C Fields, who put cherries on his cornflakes, and wrote jokes on the backs of
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COM 100 hw 1 - Natalie Robles Com 100 R Hastings HOMEWORK...

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