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Genetically Engineered Rice - effectiveness of the rice,...

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Lillie Anderson October 16, 2007 Bi 211, Wed. 4pm Genetically Engineered Vitamin A Rice, a Cure for Blindness In the recent years a new form of genetically engineered rice has been developed in hopes of putting an end to the growing issue of vitamin A deficiency, which leads to blindness, in many poor regions. The new rice contains beta-carotene, the precursor for vitamin A production. It is proposed that the vitamin A rice would be an easy and efficient way to increase vitamin A intake in nations where vitamin A deficiency is a continuing problem, in many of these nations rice is a staple part of the population’s diet. However, there are many concerns regarding the rice’s impact on the environment, actual
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Unformatted text preview: effectiveness of the rice, and also the effect on the real underling problems of poverty within these nations and regions. The problem at hand is, is vitamin A rice actually the cure for the vitamin A deficiency in Southeast Asia, or is it just another fancy designer crop that will cause more damage to the environment? The vitamin A rice was developed through a complicated process of attaching the beta-carotene and an additional two other genes to the DNA of rice, however at the same time making sure that the beta-carotene encoding remains with the rice all the way through development and does not effect the metabolism or any other process of the cells....
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