The Nomi Song

The Nomi Song - unapproachable to others In an attempt to...

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Lisa Raffetto German Film 29 November 2006 Film Writeup The Nomi Song Andrew Horn’s The Nomi Song documents the life and career of Klaus Nomi, one of the strangest New Wave performance artists in New York City, garnering a fan base in underground clubs. He developed a cult following in the early 1980s with his flashy stage shows, ethereal appearance, and operatic covers of older pop songs. Klaus Nomi became consumed by his otherworldly identity, rendering him alienated and
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Unformatted text preview: unapproachable to others. In an attempt to alleviate his loneliness, Nomi sought comfort in sexual promiscuity at a time of little to no public awareness of AIDS or other STIs. He contracted AIDS and eventually succumbed to his illness at the peak of his career, making him one of the first well-known public figures to die of AIDS, bringing the disease to the spotlight....
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