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Reading Response Just War

Reading Response Just War - The United States should set...

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Lillie Anderson February 27, 2007 WR 121 Reading Response: Just War, Preemption, and Iraq I do not believe that preemptive military action is ever justifiable. Many unneeded wars could be avoided by not attacking unless already being attacked. If a nation is not under attack then there is no reason for them to attack another. Even if a nation feels like they are under pressure of attack of another nation as long as there is no actual effect on the nation feeling the pressure they should not attack the other.
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Unformatted text preview: The United States should set the example and not participate in preemptive strikes. The United States is an example of a nation that should not partake in preemptive strikes. The only time that this nation has made a preemptive strike is with Iraq. There was no immediate threat to the United States by Iraq, but the U.S. decided to attack anyways. The situation in Iraq has deteriorated fast....
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