Paper 2 Social Structures Assignment

Paper 2 Social Structures Assignment - Paper 2 Social...

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Paper 2: Social Structures: Segregation and Life Chances Race, Inequality and Community Contexts Stephen Sweet Dept. of Sociology; Ithaca College Introduction- In this exercise you will examine social inequality at the community level, looking at income distributions in the U.S. and in different places within the U.S., as well as the ways in which ethnic groups are segregated by geographic area. You will use actual data drawn from the 2000 Census of the United States to compare the place where you currently live, and places where you have lived, with the national distribution. You will also examine some other places in Mississippi and South Dakota. Why these places? Explore and you will see. Crunch the numbers, reflect on them, and answer the questions that follow. Learning Objectives- 1. To understand the income distribution in the United States in 2000 2. To understand the representation of racial minorities in the United States in 2000 3. Recognize the degree of geographic variation in income and ethnic composition 4. Consider how life chances are associated with the social contexts of place Instructions- You will create two tables, one representing distributions of incomes and another representing distributions of racial/ethnic groups. Table 1 instructions Step 1. Go to CensusScope at Step 2. On Census Trend Charts click “INCOME”. This will offer data on the household income in the United States in 2000. Household income reflects the combined income of all members of the family. Fill in the data for USA in Table 1 (below). I suggest rounding decimals, such that 9.54% is rounded to 10%. Fill in column on the table below under USA. At the bottom of the table, sum the initial three rows of percentages to determine the percent of households earning
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Paper 2 Social Structures Assignment - Paper 2 Social...

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