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Who owns a portrait masterpiece #1 - Raymond Gonzalez 1 Who...

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Raymond Gonzalez 1 Who Owns a Photograph? Why is it that when a photographer takes a portrait of someone, they then own that portrait? A person’s portrait may be something that a person cherishes very dearly and yet they do not even have the exclusive rights to their own portrait. The reason behind why a photographer owns the right to someone’s portrait is because it is seen by today’s judicial system as a work of art that is both creative and original. Yet how creative does a photographer really have to be when taking a portrait of a real life person and why does the person whom the portrait is depicting not have at least some kind of ownership to their own portrait? According to Dennis Keeley “Portraits are about a relationship between the subject and the artist” (“The portrait what is it?” Petersen’s photography Feb. 2002: 34.) and if this is true then maybe people should have some ownership of their portraits. Even without giving people full ownership over their own portrait I believe that at the very least, there should be some kind of creativity standard a photographer must meet in order to claim ownership of a persons self portrait. Although creativity has been shown in many different works of art, how much creativity can really be seen in the portrait of a person? This question is a difficult one that if explained correctly may determine who should rightfully have ownership of a portrait. In my
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Who owns a portrait masterpiece #1 - Raymond Gonzalez 1 Who...

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