Sociology paper #1

Sociology paper #1 - Gonzalez People are shaped by society...

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Gonzalez 1 People are shaped by society in many different ways. Society not only controls the type of people that people will associate themselves with, but will also shape the way these people carry out their everyday live. For instance, why is it more likely for a wealthier individual to go to a good college rather than someone who doesn’t have much wealth? Although there are many variables at play, a main reason could be credited to the fact that wealthier people generally have a better education at their disposal. A person with lots of wealth not only has a better chance of going to a prestigious private college, but also will have access to any tool or supply that will help increase their chance of success in life. The person that makes it to the prestigious private college will more likely than not have an increased chance to receive a better education and also have a much better opportunity of meeting highly respected people. The advantage of being wealthy is just one aspect of how society can play a huge part in how a person is molded throughout their lifetime. Although I used the example of wealth in the introductory paragraph to show how society can be a controlling factor in a person’s life, I will now shift my focus on how people carry themselves in front of others in their environment and to what extent society shapes these interactions. For this essay, I conducted a study of how people interacted to other people in their surroundings and how their surroundings may have had something to do with how these people acted. For my study I chose to sit on the floor in front of BJ’s (the convenient store between the two towers) between 11 and 12 pm. From just an hour of observing how people interacted, I began to see some common patterns of how certain people acted in certain situations. It was actually almost scary for me to see how predictable some people can be, but then again some people did act in certain ways that I
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Gonzalez 2 would never have expected. In the next few paragraphs I will discuss my observations with hopes of being able to find some kind of rhyme or reason for why people act the way they do in certain situations. When I first went to conduct this study at BJ’s my first instinct was to sit on the near-by benches and observe people as they walked by. But as I sat there I realized that it would probably make the study more interesting if I sat on the floor directly across from BJ’s (actually I really moved because I did not have a good view from the bench, but the floor really did make the study a little more interesting).
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Sociology paper #1 - Gonzalez People are shaped by society...

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