Leadership paper

Leadership paper - begin each team huddles and decides...

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Raymond Gonzalez Cooperative games played on september 28, 2005 Please, Please Smile Equipment: None number: 5-20 Description: Everyone is seated in a circle with a volunteer standing in the middle. The volunteer leans down to the person of his or her choice, looks at them deep in the eye, and says "Honey, if you love me, would you please, please smile?" The recipient of this proposal simply replies "Honey, I love you, but I just can't smile." That easy - except that the recipient CAN NOT SMILE, smirk, turn up the corners of their mouth, or snicker. And the volunteer in the middle can't touch the recipient in any way- but can do anything else. The volunteer continues until someone smiles, and then trades places with the person who finally smiles. Saftet Issues: Be sure that no one feels uncomfortable when playing this game. Helpful Hints: Don't smile Rocks/Papers/Scissors Equipment : none Number: 6 or more Description: This is the “ version of rock/paper/ scissors. The end zones need to be clearly defined. To
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Unformatted text preview: begin, each team huddles and decides which play to run—either rock, paper, or scissors. Then the two teams meet in the playing area. If your team’s symbol wins, you chase the other team back to its end zone, trying to tag the team members before they get there. If you lose, you must dash to your own end zone before you’re caught. Those people who get caught change to the other team. The game ends when everyone is on the same team. Saftey Issues: The actions of this game must not be rough or too physical so that no one gets hurt. PRINCESS UGGAWUGGA Equipment: none Number: 4 or more Description: The purpose of this game is to make your opponent laugh. In pairs, one person starts by saying, “Princess Uggawugga is dead, gone, and deceased.” The other person responds by saying, “How and when did she die?” The game continues with one person asking questions and the other responding until someone laughs. Safety Issues : none...
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Leadership paper - begin each team huddles and decides...

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