Exam_2_Review - Topics to review for Exam 2 Know the basic...

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Topics to review for Exam 2 - Know the basic terms: Reach- number of people exposed to the media Frequency- the number of times a person is exposed to media Coverage-measure of the audience that might receive a message Exposure- Hits- each time a server sends a file to a browser- measures web traffic Banners- ad on a website that may be linked to the advertiser’s website clicks- BtoB- ads used for one business to promote the products it sells to another business. - Types of alternative/support media (billboards,…etc.) and their (dis)advantages (recognize) o Outdoor pros- wide coverage, high frequency, flexible, efficient, sales effectiveness, production capability cons- wasted coverage, limited message capability wearout, high cost, measurement problems, image problems o Aerial- sky banners, blimps, sky writing o Mobile billboards- trucks, vans, trailers o In-store media- signs, video, trailers o Promotional products Pros: selectivity, flexibility, frequency, economy, goodwill, augmentation Cons: poor image, saturation, lead time o Transit advertising Pros: exposure, frequency, timeliness, selectivity, economy Cons: image factors, reach, waste coverage, copy limitations, creative limitations, mood of the audience o Movie Theater advertising
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Pros: high exposure, audience mood, cost, good recall, lack of clutter, proximity Cons: irritation, cost - Types of media channels: TV, radio, magazine…etc. and their (dis) Advantages, for what type of products or markets they are more effective, have wider coverage…etc.? o
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Exam_2_Review - Topics to review for Exam 2 Know the basic...

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