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Theatre Study Guide Test 1- People and Contributions Robert Edmund Jones -left the US and then returned bringing European culture back to US. - first theory-Spontaneous Inspiration…The Dramatic Imagination-story of the first play. Ook being the lion. .Theories a sort of spontaneous event where Ook has a lightbulb moment. The idea of theatre was born in a moment of pure inspiration. Joseph Campbell - theory about the origins of theatre- tendency to create myth and rituals out of life’s crises and mysteries. mythologist and anthropologist who created the second theory. Imitation to Ritual. Theory about the origins of theatre begins with the human capacity to imitate and fantasize, which leads to the ability to create myth and ritual. Children mimicking adults. Aristotle- wrote The Poetics. Said Thespis was the 1 st Greek performer to change dithyramb into drama. Stepping out- theatre evolved out of religious rituals known as dithyrambs(the entire community gathering on occasion to sing and chant in unison)Thespis stepped forward and began speaking to the community. Went from group monologue to a dialogue crated between speaker and community. Bharata- Hindu theorist revealed the origins of Sanskrit dance drama. A divine gift. What theatre is and what it should be. Natrya Sastra. Athol Fugard -wrote Master Harold and the Boys. Has a racially mixed acting company despite Apartheid laws. Many of his plays were banned in South Africa and performed elsewhere. All his plays deal with the politics of apartheid. Also focus on tiny miracles, disasters, and triumphs of the ordinary individual. Sanford Meisner
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theatre study guide[1] - Theatre Study Guide Test 1People...

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