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Exponents__Logarithms_Assignment_2 - Exponents and...

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Unformatted text preview: Exponents and Logarithms Assignment 2 Name: Date: My Achievement Goal for this chapter is… (Circle one) A+ A B C D (Teacher Use Only) This assignment is: Good to Go! Needs Corrections Make sure that you show all of your work! 1. Simplify: a. 2 log x – 3log y + log z b. c. Exponents and Logarithms Assignment 2 2. Solve for x: a. 2 – log3(x – 2) = log3(x – 2) b. logy(x-­‐4) – logyx = 2logy3 Exponents and Logarithms Assignment 2 3. What is the Richter Scale measurement for an earthquake that is 5 times as intense as an earthquake measuring 8.2 on the Richter scale? 4. The pH scale is used to measure acidity. The pH of a substance is defined as pH = –log[H+]. Where H+ is the concentration of the Hydrogen Ion. The more concentrated it is, the more acidic the substance is. A pH of 7 is neutral, while a pH of 0 is extremely acidic. The PH of lemon juice is about 2.0, while a tomato juice is about 4.5 on the pH scale. How much more acidic (as in how much greater is the concentration of the Hydrogen Ion) is lemon juice than tomato juice? Exponents and Logarithms Assignment 2 5. A population of rabbits is growing exponentially! In just 5 weeks it goes from a population of 100 to 1000. What is the doubling time of this population? As in, how long does the population take to double? 6. How long will it take an initial investment to grow by 50% in each of the following cases: a. 5% per year, compounded annually b. 5% per year, compounded quarterly c. 5% per year, compounded monthly Exponents and Logarithms Assignment 2 7. Sketch a graph of the following and then fill in the table below: Domain Range Asymptotes X-­‐Intercept ...
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