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Fertile crescent Greece Rome - Gened 110 Take Home Exam How...

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Gened 110 Take Home Exam How were civilizations in the four river valley alike or disklike civilizations such as Greece and rome? Under the "Out of Africa" theory, some believe that humans originated in Africa and eventually migrated to other parts of the world. This theory supports why we can see evidence of early humans originating from an area surrounding the Nile, Euphrates, and Tigris Rivers called "The Fertile Crescent". The Fertile Crescent would eventually expand to include China and India and become the "Four River Valley". In these areas, we can study the very beginnings of man. We can see an evolution from subsistence living into fully functional societies with a government and class structure. These societal structures would influence other civilizations in the world such as Greece and Rome whose own social systems and governments would become the basis for modern society. After the Neolithic period in 4000B.C.E, humans began to produce their own food rather than constantly move around to find it. With this birth of systematic agriculture came the birth of permanent settlements also known as 'farming villages'. The creation of these Villages lead to trade in goods and ideas which over time would lead to the emergence of civilization. Once humans actually had 'civilization', new social structures would emerge. By 3000 B.C.E., in the area of Mesopotamia, the Sumerians would establish a number of city states where social groups initially formed. The three major Sumerian groups were "nobles, commoners, and slaves." The nobles included royal and priestly officials, and the commoners would work as basically anything that was useful for the society such as farming,
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Fertile crescent Greece Rome - Gened 110 Take Home Exam How...

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