Psych Notes - Chapter 14 (Balliet)

Psych Notes - Chapter 14 (Balliet) - General Paresis: a...

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General Paresis: a disorder caused by syphilis that affects brain and nervous system, with the discovery of penicillin, problem has been almost completely wiped out, except in 3 rd world countries. Finally connected to syphilis in the early 20 th century. Vulnerabilities of psychological disorders- genetic factors, biological characteristics, psychological, previous maladaptive learning, low social support. - Each of us has some degree of vulnerability (ranging from low to high) of developing a psychological disorder How do psychologist identify abnormal behaviors- DSM IV(Diagnostic and statistic manual of mental disorders, 4 th Edition Reliability and validity in clinical assessment- - Reliability: means that clinicians using the system should show high levels of agreement in their diagnostic decisions. - Validity: means that the diagnostic categories should accurately capture the essential features of the various disorders David Rosenhan (1973) – Research and Results - 8 scientists faked being psychotic by claiming to hears voices - Were all diagnosed with schizophrenia - When they started to act normal, it was just said that disease was in remission Competency- refers to a defendant’s (court) state of mind at the time of a judicial hearing (not when crime was committed) Insanity- Relates to the presumed state of mind of the defendant at the time the crime was
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Psych Notes - Chapter 14 (Balliet) - General Paresis: a...

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