Psych Notes - Chapter 16 (Balliet)

Psych Notes - Chapter 16 (Balliet) - Chapter 16 Situational...

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Chapter 16 Situational attributions- judgments about the causes of our own and other people’s behavior and outcomes o Personal (internal) attributions- infer that people’s characteristics cause their behavior o Situational (external) attributions- infer that aspects of the situation cause a behavior Fundamental attribution error- we underestimate the impact of the situation and overestimate the role of personal factors when explaining other people’s behavior Culture affects attribution because people take responsibility for different things in different cultures Primary effect in form impressions- refers to our tendency to attach more importance to the initial information that we learn about a person Self-fulfilling prophecy- occurs when people’s erroneous expectations leads them to act toward others in a way that brings about the expected behaviors, thereby confirming their original impression Attitude- a positive or negative evaluative reaction toward a stimulus, such as a person, action, object, or concept Richard LaPiere (1934) o Toured a group of Asians around the U.S. when sentiments against them were high
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Psych Notes - Chapter 16 (Balliet) - Chapter 16 Situational...

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