phys2020_exam3_fa07_v0001_solutions - Examination 3,...

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Unformatted text preview: Examination 3, Version 0001 Physics 2020 - Fall 2007 Name (print last, first) _______________________________________________ Student ID# _______________________________________________ Do not open the exam until you are told to do so. This exam consists of 20 multiple-choice questions, worth 5 points each, 100 points total. Fill in the bubble sheet with the correct answers with a #2 pencil. The exam is closed book, closed notes, and no calculators are allowed. You must follow the below instructions: 1. Print and bubble your name on the bubble sheet. 2. Print and bubble your student identification number on the bubble sheet. 3. Print and bubble your exam version (0001 or 0002), in the upper left of your bubble sheet in the area marked 1234. The version number is printed at the top of this sheet! 4. Please leave the areas labeled Code and Date blank. 5. Erase mistakes as thoroughly as possible. Ask for a fresh bubble sheet if you fear you cannot thoroughly erase mistakes. 6. As you take the exam, circle the correct answers on your exam as well as marking them on the bubble sheet. You can take the exam with you at the end so you can see which questions you correctly answered when comparing to posted solutions. 7. At the end of the exam, check that you have filled in the first 20 questions on the bubble sheet, with only one bubble filled in for each question. I have read and will follow the instructions above. Signature________________________________________________________ * There is a penalty of 5 points if you do not fill in the bubble sheet correctly for your exam version, name or student identification. Question 1: The graph below shows a snapshot of a wave on a string that is traveling to the right. There is a bit of paint on the string at point P. At the instant shown, the velocity of paint point P has which direction? A) The point will have instantaneous velocity up. B) The paint will have instantaneous velocity to the right. C) The paint will have instantaneous velocity down. D) The paint will have instantaneous velocity to the left. E) The paint will have zero velocity. Answer C. The point P only moves up and down - it does not translate left and right. At this point in time there is a trough moving underneath point P and thus this point is moving downward. Question 2: An ideal transformer has a primary coil with 2000 turns and an alternating Voltage of 500 Volts. How many secondary coil turns should be used if one wants an alternating Voltage of 100 Volts output? A) 100 turns B) 400 turns C) 2000 turns D) 8000 turns E) 20,000 turns Answer B. Using the transformer equation one relates the number of coils in the primary and secondary loops and their respective voltages. Vp/Vs = Np/Ns....
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phys2020_exam3_fa07_v0001_solutions - Examination 3,...

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