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PRO++ Nuclear power is one of the only current and potential energy sources that can fill the requirements of the modern world and future world. Able to compete for a major percentage of U.S. power utilities Large amount of power outpu Independent U.S. industry (no reliance on outside countries) Costs do not vary by location Reduces threat of air pollution Conserves other energy types for only what they are uniquely needed for. Low probabilities of accidents/high safety standards already implemented Already developed and easily expandable CON- Low public support Wide spread belief that nuclear power is dangerous No recycling of energy Does not emphasis quality of life like other renewable sources do Higher costs than oil plants
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Unformatted text preview: Possible monopolization of energy in many countries Bibliography Age of Nuclear Power The Science News-Letter , Vol. 86, No. 12. (Sep. 19, 1964), p. 178. Ramey, James T. The Promise of Nuclear Energy Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science , Vol. 410, The Energy Crisis: Reality or Myth. (Nov., 1973), pp. 11-23. Bent Srensen, Energy and Resources Science , New Series, Vol. 189, No. 4199. (Jul. 25, 1975), pp. 255-260. Wade, D.C. 21 st century energy sustainability nuclear role Argonne National Lab., IL (US) (Conference: IAEA Meeting: Contribution of Advanced Reactors for Sustainable Development, Vienna (AT), 06/12/2000--06/16/2000)...
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