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Chibuike Oparaji Professor Mabry CJ 261W 26 February 2008 Spring 08
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Richard Speck Richard Speck was born in Kirkwood, Illinois from a large family of ten, and he was the seventh child of eight. At the age of five he suffered a severe head injury from playing with a claw hammer. Soon after his father died when he was six years old and not to long after that his mother took him and his sister Carolyn to Fair Park, TX which was just east of Dallas. Sometime afterwards his mother married Carl Lindberg who was a horrible man to the children especially Richard. He was a drunk who use would frequently abuse Richard and just leave the young boy at home by himself. As a result by the ripe age of twelve Richard was a poor student, and picked up a habit drinking which would stay with him for the rest or his life. The alcohol was used to ease the pain of headaches from his young head injury with the claw hammer. There were many other head injuries that he sustained as an adolescent such as falling out of a three times and running head first into a steel girder. Richard dropped out of school in the ninth grade and did nothing but commit crimes and get arrested by acts such as disorderly conduct, burglary, and specialized in public drunkenness. He had racked up a total of thirty-seven arrest in Dallas alone. At the age of nineteen he visited a tattoo parlor which some say was a significant factor in his life. He didn’t know what to get so he just asked the tattoo artist for some slogans and when he heard born to raise hell he knew it was meant for him and he let the tattoo artist put it on him. When Speck was twenty he was working part-time as a garbage man and had married fifteen year old Shirley Malone. They had a child together but the marriage didn’t last due to the abuse to his wife and mother-in-law. Speck often raped his wife at knife point claiming he needed sex four to five times a day. Speck in 1965 assaulted a Dallas woman, holding a knife to her throat in a parking garage. He was chased away by neighbors and caught which led to a sentence of 490 days or one year and four months and five days. While in prison his wife filed
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richard speck - Chibuike Oparaji Professor Mabry CJ 261W 26...

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