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Audition &Vestibular_Outline - Audition and the...

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Audition and the Vestibular Apparatus Audition and the Vestibular Apparatus Chapter 7 Sounds Sounds Object vibrations Molecules in motion Media around object pull apart and condense - Waves produced Characteristics of Waves Characteristics of Waves Wavelength – measure of distance between 2 waves (peak to peak, or tough to trough) Frequency – number of sound waves that occur in a particular period of time (waves per second) Amplitude – height of the waves (loudness) from lowest to highest points 3 Dimensions to Sound 3 Dimensions to Sound 1) Pitch (HZ) – perceptual experience of frequency (higher freq = higher pitch) 2) Loudness (decibels) – perception of amplitude 3) Timbre – complexity of a sound (i.e. different frequencies), nature of a particular All 3 affect wavelength ANATOMY OF THE EAR ANATOMY OF THE EAR Outer ear Middle ear Inner ear OUTER EAR OUTER EAR Pinna – the outer, fleshy part of the ear; collects sound - In humans it’s stationary - In animals it’s movable External Auditory Meatus (ear canal) – 2,000 Hz-5000 Hz; get info into ear and amplify it
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Middle Ear Middle Ear Tympanic Membrane (eardrum) –can burst and can fix on its own but usually results in some hearing loss; sound causes it to vibrate Ossicles (i.e. bones) –Malleus (Hammer) –Incus (Anvil) –Stapes (Stirrup) connected to the cochlea EUSTACIAN TUBE - goes from middle ear to throat and allows for pressure to
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Audition &Vestibular_Outline - Audition and the...

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