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Fight Club argument brief

Fight Club argument brief - Reason 2 Interesting storyline...

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Stefan Friend English 103 Justine L. September 19 th , 2007 Thesis: Fight Club is one of the most unique films, which cleverly transcends typical genre classifications, and presents an intriguing plot that is entertaining and engrosses the audience from beginning to end. Reason1: Many genres: action, thriller, and drama Evidence: Fast paced fight sequences Evidence: Mind numbing plot twists, and “edge of your seat” suspense
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Unformatted text preview: Reason 2: Interesting storyline Evidence: Based on a novel Evidence: Frame story – makes the audience think Evidence: Engages the audience Reason 3: Great acting Evidence: Two main characters are “A-list” actors Evidence: Characters engage audience Evidence: Suspension of disbelief (could also be with storyline)...
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