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Fight Club argument paper - Friend 1 Stefan Friend Justin...

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Friend 1 Stefan Friend Justin Lesniewski English 103-56 25 September 2007 I am Jack’s movie critic I am here to tell you about Fight Club . Fight Club is an idea, a book, a movie. So why do you care? There are thousands of movies in theaters, in shops at malls, and floating around cyberspace. You probably go to the movies a few times a year, maybe once a month or even every week. You’ve seen movies you know what movies are and you probably know which movies you like. So why should you care about this movie? What makes Fight Club the brilliant masterpiece that it is? Well first of all, this is my favorite movie and I want you to watch and experience one of the most entertaining movies you will ever see. I’m going to show you why Fight Club is my favorite movie and why this movie is ranked in the Top 30 on IMDB’s Top 250 list (IMDB). No wait a second, let’s start over, let’s go back to the beginning, to understand where Fight Club fits in, to understand what makes it great. Since the days of the ancient Greeks and Romans people have enjoyed being entertained by a variety of lively performances, from the cultural and spiritual ideals of the Greek theater, to the blood and gore -Tyler Durden- of the Roman Coliseum. Nowadays, live performances have evolved beyond open amphitheaters to include large auditoriums and sold-out stadiums. Plays and musicals are more mechanically advanced than they were centuries ago with elaborate sets, stage props, lighting, and a host of other twentieth-century improvements, but they cannot compete with movies. Movies provide a level of entertainment unattainable from a live performance. A film is produced over many months, some even years, to create a masterpiece
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Friend 2 by editing clips of film, music and engaging effects. With all the technology and effort put into making a film, its no wonder movies have taken the entertainment industry by storm and captured the attention of the American audience through fantastic story telling coupled with the brilliance of special effects seen in such classics as The Wizard of Oz and Star Wars . Understanding how movies evolved into the great and terrible monster that is Hollywood is a key part to understanding what the audience of today expects to see when they walk into the theater and what they view as a good movie When films were first introduced they were quite different from recent eardrum bursting, visually stimulating adventures made recently. Charlie Chaplin -Tyler Durden- was a magician in disguise. He was well known for his ability to do physical comedy as well as his ability to be expressive with his face and body language. He was one of the finest performers of the silent movie era and his innovation has influenced comedians around the world (Biography). In the early 1900s not only were the films silent, but they also lacked the vibrant colors seen on the high-definition LCD screens found in homes across the country. When color was being introduced, around the time Wizard of Oz
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Fight Club argument paper - Friend 1 Stefan Friend Justin...

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