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Assignments for LCA 441 Language and Society in Southeast Asia Spring semester 2008 Assignment 1 : Map Assignment: On the blank map in the course reader, write in the names of the eleven Southeast Asian countries and their capital cities. The url below offers a small map of Southeast Asia with the names of the names of the eleven Southeast Asian countries on the right. Click on the country names to obtain a detailed map of each country. On these maps you will find the capital cities. Due September 12, 5 points Assignment 2: Write a 1-2 page paper distinguishing between the terms: language and dialect. Explain the usefulness and limitations of these terms. Due February 12 , 5 points . Assignment 3 : Discuss the importance of the concepts of language and dialect in the above two readings. Due February 19, 5 points. Assignment 4: Write a 1-2 page paper discussing how language use shapes identity in the public and private spheres. Due March 4,
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Unformatted text preview: 5 points. MIDTERM March 11. 25 points Assignment 5 : Write a 3-page paper using at least three linguistic concepts from Wardhaugh to describe the Thai or Indonesian language situation. Due April 1. 10 points Assignment 6: Choose one of the papers remaining in the course and offer a 5-10 commentary on the paper and hand in a one page report based on your comments. Due on the day the reading is discussed in class. 10 points Assignment 7: Find a news item about Southeast Asia that relates to contemporary language use. Report to the class what you have read and relate the article to some linguistic concept you have learned in the class. This report is presented in class orally and submitted in written format sometime before the end of the semester. 5 points Assignment 8: Submit the topic of your final paper and an outline with a bibliography. Due April 29, 5 points Assignment 9: The final paper is due on Wednesday May 14, 2008 before 4:30. 25 points....
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