441 syllabus sp 08 - Syllabus LCA 441 Language and Society...

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Spring 2008 Professor Ellen Rafferty Department of Languages and Cultures of Asia Office 6313 Social Science Bldg Office hours Email [email protected] Assignments should not be sent via email! Course Objectives: Language and Society in Southeast Asia is designed to introduce the student to the languages and societies of Southeast Asia by combining historical, linguistic, and sociological approaches. The course begins with an overview of the histories and cultures of the eleven countries of Southeast Asia, then explores basic sociolinguistic terminology, and finally examines a variety of sociolingusitic data from eight of the Southeast Asian countries. Important topics covered in the course include language variation and standardization, national languages, dialects, diglossia, multilingualism, language planning, and language and power. Course materials: Course packet, part 1, is available at Bob's Copy Shop, 616 University Avenue, 257- 4536. Additional packets will be available at Bob's Copy Shop Materials on Learn @ UW Recommended - R. Wardhaugh, Introduction to Sociolinguistics at the UW Bookstore Grading A 92-100 AB 88-91 B 82-87 BC 78-81 C 70-77 D 60-69 Week 1 INTRODUCTION: Discussion of the course objectives & syllabus. Introduction to the histories, cultures, and languages of Southeast Asia. Osborne, Milton, 1985, Southeast Asia: An Illustrated Introductory History . o chapters 1, 5, 12, 13, & Timeline chart. On Learn @ UW Video - Southeast Asia: The People, Insight Media video ID2.145, 22 min. Assignment 1: Complete the map assignment. Due January 29. 5 points Week 2 SOCIOLINGUISTIC CONCEPTS Wardhaugh, Ronald, 1998, An Introduction to Sociolinguistics , third edition On Learn @ UW. o
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441 syllabus sp 08 - Syllabus LCA 441 Language and Society...

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