CAPS 282 - Combined Lecture Notes to 1st Prelim

CAPS 282 - Combined Lecture Notes to 1st Prelim - Popular...

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Popular Perception: How Chinese and Americans view each other How Americans View China: - Historically racist attitudes: “yellow peril” & exclusion acts - Tiananmen - Chinese Popular Culture China as a non-threatening “other” o Exotic; appealing; far away panda / ping-pong diplomacy o Chinese food o Great Wall, Nixon’s visit o China as a threat - Dragon = threatening image - Tiananmen Tank Man: tank represents china’s “iron fist” - Taiwan = potential military conflict between US & China - SARS - Pollution: westerners believe China responsible - Acute awareness of Chinese products infiltrating US markets o Taking away US jobs o Concerns about safety US-China competition diff. than that between US-USSR - cultural, economic, & political / military differences (so? USSR had that) - o china growth connected to rest of world o what about it?) o china finances American debt (more?) Madeline Albright (1994 – 1995) - beanie baby craze: bought them as gifts (who? What?) - Caught: had to donate them to charity Chinese images of US (love / hate relationship) - Chinese newspapers report on US entertainment & politics - “beautiful imperialist” vs. “World’s bully” o vs. US hegemony o American excess & Waste - Bush as an enigmatic figure New Points of Intersection - Popular culture: “Jackie Chan Effect,” Chinese kitsch, Yao Ming vs. American Scholar/Foreign Policy analysis views – expert & informed opinions - Presidential perspectives: historically, to maintain stability - o Influence of Taiwan lobby; suspicious of Chinese military buildup/espionage; congressional scapegoating - other insiders: o Chris Hill: NK envoy; tough engagement w/ China
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o Academics & the media: 1 says China govt getting smarter; 1 wash. Times columnist views china as threat The Chinese Leadership: New Generation of Leaders & the Lack of Transparency - Jiang Zeming, Wen Jiabao, Hu Jintao: all technocrats o Communists, but not Marxist o One-party market economy o Non-transparent process w/ few offical transcripts Jiang: - China needs good relationship w/ US to help China manage economy - Ascension in 2003 marked by relatively smooth transition of power - Will fight for his protégés ( Shanghai Clique ) Hu & Wen: - kept low profile; world views are unclear - Zheng Bijion : introduced rhetoric of “peaceful rise;” idea is that China’s rise diff. than those of other powers o Speech attracted huge response People’s Liberation Army: - know little about views of PLA, or even its chain of command Diff. American views on dealing with China: - Binding o Policy of extreme engagement - Engagement : work tightly w/ China to change it for the better - Buckpassing : pass problem to someone else, esp. other Asian powers
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CAPS 282 - Combined Lecture Notes to 1st Prelim - Popular...

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