PLPA 201 - Study Guide for 2nd Prelim

PLPA 201 - Study Guide for 2nd Prelim - Common Names to...

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Common Names to know: Inky Cap – once used as substitute for ink; widely consumed by humans, but poisonous (though not fatal) if done so with alcohol (facial redness, nausea, palpitations, vomting). A symptomless variety is the Shaggy Mane. Chanterelle Morel – grow in wake of forest fires or under dead elms; prized by mushroom hunters and French chefs for their taste; dangerous when eaten raw False Morel – dangerous to eat (contain rocket fuel); “lucky” victims experience relief after 2-6 days of sickness starting 6-12 hours after ingestion; “unlucky” victims don’t develop symptoms until 1-2 days after eating, then stop exhibiting them when toxins attack kidneys & liver, then symptoms reappear causing coma & death 5-7 days later. Look more like brains than true Morels. Puffballs and Earth Balls – Puffballs emit spores in a dusty cloud when their fruiting bodies burst. They are generally edible & not poisonous. Earth Balls look like puffballs but are black on the inside; eating an Earth Ball will make you sick. The Giant puffball is extremely filling, one being more than enough for a whole family. Bear’s Head – edible mushroom identifiable by tendency to grow lengthy spines out from one group rather than in branches, and also by its appearance on hardwoods. Shiitake – edible mushroom that grows on wood decay. Lenitan and LEM are 2 of its chemical extracts that respectively possess anti-tumor and anti-viral activity. Reishi – used for medicinal purposes, most commonly in Asia, for 2000 years. Chinese Caterpillar Fungus – species of Cordyceps that grows from caterpillars & has Kombucha – slimy mix of yeasts & molds sold as a medicinal tea & touted by “believers” for its seemingly infinite benefits. Quorn
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PLPA 201 - Study Guide for 2nd Prelim - Common Names to...

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