1b Arac's Struggle

1b Arac's Struggle - Beckwith 1 Noor Beckwith Preceptor:...

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Beckwith 1 Noor Beckwith Preceptor: Zachary Sifuentes Expository Writing 20: A Voice of One’s Own February 10, 2008 The Nature of Arac’s Struggle in “ Huckleberry Finn as Idol and Target” In his provocative essay on the merits and misfortunes of the presence of Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn in our schools, Jonathan Arac unfolds a struggle against the prevailing institutions that perpetuate racism and the N-word. This struggle comprises two main parts, each of which is an indictment of a group that interacts with the original text; academia and the media alike are subjected to different criticisms for different faults. 1 The discrepancies here are telling; even as Arac attempts to mount a scholarly persuasive essay – he cites extensive sources and presents his arguments only after a wealth of evidence – he betrays important personal inclinations and anxieties. 2 Arac’s quarrel with the critical academia is itself surprisingly simple. He faults many scholars with the unfortunate mistake of attributing an offensive and inaccurate misnomer to the character Jim, and he faults them for the result of that mistake. Arac presents a cogent and extensive “survey” of this mistake’s occurrence throughout the era (23-28), and explains that, despite the good will that often accompanies continued discussion of Huckleberry Finn
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1b Arac's Struggle - Beckwith 1 Noor Beckwith Preceptor:...

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