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1c Managing the Struggle

1c Managing the Struggle - Beckwith 1 Noor Beckwith...

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Beckwith 1 Noor Beckwith Preceptor: Zachary Sifuentes Expository Writing 20: A Voice of One’s Own February 2008 Authorial Distance in “ Huckleberry Finn as Idol and Target” If he is to avoid self-indictment and hypocrisy, Arac must carefully place and construct his indictments and argumentative approaches. Recall my previous responses to this essay; 1 in them I have already started to describe tools that are parts of the larger method of authorial distancing that Arac uses to address this difficulty. One is personalization. Where the essay begins in a scholarly and objectivist tone, the author uses a well-crafted segue (Arac 21-22) to alter his distance to the reader and to the topic as he transitions to a much more provocative section of argument. 2 Specifically, bringing the argument into the personal realm, Arac has distanced himself from the institutions he is criticizing, seeking to escape his own criticism even as he continues to use the despised word. 3 However, it’s not just personalizing rhetoric that so addresses Arac’s difficulty. 4 I have also explored the assignation of greater blame to the media than to academia. If Arac fails to distance himself by other means from that, in academia, which
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