Ch. 3 Palmer Kant

Ch. 3 Palmer Kant - Kantian Ethics Kant(1724-1804 Born in...

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Kantian Ethics Kant (1724-1804) Born in prosperous town in Prussia, went to college, was agonistic and anticlerical and deeply affected but David Hume. Kant and Hume: What can we know? Hume’s work was called radical skepticism. Hume’s two judgments were analytical (tautologies) and synthetic (posteriori). Hume believed there is no way for as to know anything via sense data and that we cannot say we know the past or the future. Kant assumes that knowledge is possible and asks how we know certain things. Kant’s new category of logic is synthetic a prior (human mind imposes such things on reality). Kant’s two categories of realities- phenomenal (known) and noumenal (unknown). Kant believes no one can claim to know the existence of God, freedom, immortality, or ultimate justice, but thinks that people without belief in the fab four may lose their desire to live. Kant’s Ethics The foundations of the metaphysics of moral (1785), Critique of Practical Reason (1788), The metaphysics of morals A Good Will Nothing can be good without a good will. The goodness of things are relative to attitude. Will is to seek a goal. A will is rational when governed by a maxim (rule). “A truly good act is one that is motivated by a personal decision to act out of goodness
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Ch. 3 Palmer Kant - Kantian Ethics Kant(1724-1804 Born in...

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