David Hume’s Suicide

David Hume’s Suicide - If to society In the...

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David Hume’s Suicide In the case suicide is wrong it would be either a crime against God, society, or ourselves.  It can’t be against God because God created the universe with certain laws and orders to  which we comply with. If suicide is against God, then it would be impossible to commit  suicide.  Furthermore, if God is the Creator then we suffer as an object of his own  creation, and our suffering is partially His fault. 
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Unformatted text preview: If to society- In the case where one’s suffering is so severe, their suffering outweighs any potential good given to society. No man ever threw away a life worth keeping. If one can overcome the fear of death in the face of misery, suicide is earned. To the individual- No way. Allows escape from misery and suffering. ∴ Suicide is permissible....
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