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6. God and the Problem of Evil BC Johnson

6. God and the Problem of Evil BC Johnson - suffering or...

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“God and the Problem of Evil” B.C. Johnson Baby in a fire example, doesn’t matter about heaven if the baby suffered. By saying good comes from a burning baby, should we set houses on fire for some more good? Example of lawyer saying the defendant’s actions will be proven good in the long run would be unacceptable by a jury. Is God good? We should have God to help like a fireman or doctor because if outside help is not permitted, we should abolish all helpful establishments. And if God allows disasters to promote moral urgency, then shouldn’t we aid in creating disasters to promote moral urgency? Its absurd and promoting moral urgency is wrong. God saving a burning baby would neither kill the world’s
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Unformatted text preview: suffering or significantly improve the world. We promote a less virtue-evoking world for following generations ∴ its not an adequate excuse for God. God could interfere silently with preventative miracles. God’s higher morality falls short as we are able to adequately interpret the morality of his actions. Uses idea of God reciting excuses ∴ its no use saying he’s all-powerful and won’t interrupt evil. Either you believe in god as good (unfounded faith) or the ghost of God (atheism). The concurrent nature of God and existing evil, would cause God to be evil. But God is just as likely to be all-good as all-evil....
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