Joel Fienberg’s Psychological Egoism

Joel Fienberg’s Psychological Egoism - Joel...

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Joel Fienberg’s Psychological Egoism The Theory !. “psychological Egoism” belief that when man’s actions were understood, the motives were selfish (self-interest) Men are only capable of desiring others’ happiness when it is the means to their own happiness Benevolent actions do not exist 2. The theory’s title is to indicate the reality rather than an idealistic version. Psychological facts not ethical ideals. Selfishness is an unavoidable human quality. “ethical egoism” all men ought to pursue their own well-being 3. The only voluntary acts are committed in attempt to cut short bad times and prolong pleasurable ones. Aka Psychological Egoistic Hedonism Prima Facie Reasons in Support of the Theory 4. PE is plausible for these reasons : within every action one is prompted by their personal motives, desires, and impulses. Ppl like getting what they want. Our self-deception when we are doing good deeds for public support. Morals are taught with gifts and punishments. “actions of
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Joel Fienberg’s Psychological Egoism - Joel...

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