Thomas Nagel’s Moral Luck

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Thomas Nagel’s “Moral Luck” Nagel mentions Kant. Discusses the idea that only motive matters, luck doesn’t. In blaming people for their actions, we deem that person is bad. In every situation, we encounter events outside of our control. Mentions Nazis. Manslaughter vs. Reckless Driving. Discusses that many aspects of what an individual does is based on factors outside of their control, and ultimately, nothing we do is in our control. We cannot predict the future and our actions are imperfect. If control is an illusion, then where can accountability stand? Should we disregard all moral judgment? “the intuitively acceptable conditions of moral judgment threaten to undermine it all” Discusses similar problem in epistemology. Beliefs are out of are control and based upon internal and external factors. If our beliefs happen to be true, it is because of biological luck rather than knowledge. 4 types: Constitutive luck (type of individual, temperament,
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