10. Human Freedom and the Self- R. Chisolm

10. Human Freedom and the Self- R. Chisolm - "Human Freedom...

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“Human Freedom and the Self” Roderick Chisolm Metaphys prob of human freedom- humans are responsible, but our actions are determined but are they indetermined. Uses example of man shooting another, and he is held responsible bc he could have done otherwise. But if he wasn’t power, like compelled by another man, or by his own desires/beliefs, no matter whether internal or external. Example of flood and breaking dam vs. weak-willed man, and that man is not responsible for the events that follow. Example of Cato- good within his existence, not by his own will. Idea of God- that our actions come from the “Prime Mover” and thus, we are not responsible for our actions. Process to mesh determinism and accountability: One can do otherwise, if chose do otherwise, he would have done otherwise. Dam example- without pressure- no breakage. He goes on to prove that ascription of responsibility conflicts with deterministic view of action. Indeterminism- the view that each action has no event associated with that
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