18. Robots and Minds- William Lycan

18. Robots and Minds- William Lycan - "Robots and Minds...

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“Robots and Minds” William G. Lycan Artificial Intelligence (AI)- science to get machines to perform jobs that require judgment and intelligence. Humans are not prepared like machines, our lives are largely unpredictable, we can balance many goals while reacting in real-time. An intelligent creature- information-sensative creature that registers and stores info for later use. Computers two limitations- must be fed info and the output depends solely on the programmer. Question A- will a computer be able to do something humanly intelligent? -will take serious time to discern through empirical evidence Question B- Will a comp be able to do that humanly intelligent things the same way people can? -Empirical evidence is also needed and requires cognitive science Question C- Given a comp can do that, does that mean they have a certain property of the human brain - largely philosophical If in the future some computer exists, fulfilling the requirements of A and B, is he then human? To exclude him simply bc of his origin (lab) or his makeup (silicon
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