7. The Argument from Design W. Paley

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“The Argument from Design” William Paley Chapter 1: The State of the Argument Example of finding stone versus a watch, with the watch people would understand it came from a creator. I. Just because we don’t know the creator doesn’t entail that we don’t assume there is a creator. II. The watch can be imperfect and still have a creator. III. If parts were broken somehow, we would still understand those parts have utility. IV. In finding the watch, no one would assume the machinery formed randomly. V. We would assume the intelligence of the watchmaker. VI. The movements of the watch are definitely contrived VII. The watch is not formed out of its own nature’s laws; the laws are dependent upon the being they govern VIII. With the above facts, we can’t be told we know nothing of the watch’s origins.
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 2: State of the Argument Continued Suppose the watch is found by another at a later date with its mechanisms intact I. There would be admiration for the watchs movements and the mind behind the creation. II. The corn mill example where the mill was created by intelligence (not the stream) and thus corn is ground. III. Theres no way an inanimate watch came to be without a designer. IV. Infinite series cannot exist and a chain of finite links can no more support itself than one of infinite links. Where does this contrivance and design come from? V. Absurdity is atheism, the watch has to have a maker. Chapter 5: Application of the Argument Continued Apply the discovery of the watch to the existence of humans and their necessary creator....
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