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“The Wager” Blaise Pascal Mentions the finite nature of the body and relates the unity of finite to infinite and that infinity destroys the finite in magnanimity. The nature of infinity is unknown but there are certain things we know of it (i.e. odd and even numbers) we can know God without knowing what it is. We can’t know the nature of God because it has neither extension or limits in our world. God is incomprehensible to us. Mentions Christianity and its lacking proof, but further states reason cannot prove anything with God because there is “infinite chaos” blocking any potential comprehension. Choice, he claims, is not optional. In our choice, we can lose the true and the good, we stake our happiness and our knowledge, and in nature we shun misery and error. In believing in God we risk nothing and can potentially gain infinite number of lives and eternal happiness. We must renounce reason to gain life. Finite number of losses
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Unformatted text preview: available. There is an infinity between the certainty of gain and the certainty of loss, but they are proportional to each other in the same sense gain versus loss. Are we free if were forced to choose? No. Also, you must be passionate enough to overcome your reason to enable belief. Engage in religion to deaden acuteness, for which, should one fear being deadened? In believing, one has nothing to fear and it will become easier as religion becomes a custom. Discusses the possibility of something existing infinitely. Discusses how we are born unjust and in sin, how Christianity first stated the “born into sin” idea. We owe a great deal to those who point out our faults. The heart loves the infinite being and itself, and God is felt within the heart, not in reason. Faith is a gift from God, the only science contradictory to human nature only exists among men, and Christianity makes people loveable....
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