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9. The Problem of Free Will- W Stace

9. The Problem of Free Will- W Stace - “The Problem of...

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“The Problem of Free Will” Walter Stace Discusses morality and the potential fall of morality within society, which would kill society. Without free will, there is no morality. Morality- should vs. shouldn’t do. Ppl who say free will doesn’t exist, don’t believe it in their practice. Uses the example of the definition of man, if one thought man is something other than it is than upon failure in his search, would deny the existence of man. The example’s problem is verbal, like the prob of free will. The idea that determinism is inconsistent with free will is simply a problem of a misnomer. Definitions are defined within their common usage, and discusses how indeterminism is wrong within its common usage. Example of Jones vs. Smith; Gandhi vs. Smith, Judge vs. Stace (I and II); Prisoner vs. Judge; and Foreman vs. Philosopher. The philosopher is wrong is his usage of free will in that action is not determined by a cause. Discusses free vs. unfree. But all human action and events of nature are
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