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Judith Jarvis Thompson’s “A Defense of Abortion” Accepts premise fetus=person, but notes acorn doesn’t = oak tree If fetus is a person, then the argument follows that (1) every person has a right to life, (2) fetus has right to life, (3) right to life trumps right to decide happenings in body. Fetus cannot be killed. Forced Pregnancy Violinist is attached to person and because it is morally permissible to unplug oneself and the violinist case is directly analogous to forced pregnancy, then it is morally permissible for abortion in forced pregnancy. Mom’s Threatened Violinist will cause fatal strain on kidneys Woman in house with rapidly growing child Both morally permissible to intervene in saving one’s own life
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Unformatted text preview: Moms NOT Threatened Henry Fonda should fly to save a life, but doesnt HAVE to. Same with you and the violinist, you should keep him plugged in, but its not immoral to unplug. At some point, right to life will interfere with many other rights. Mom Forgot Birth Control One has a right to not be killed unjustly . Mentions chocolates and the brothers. Discusses burglar in the open window doesnt have a right to stay. Always buy really nice screens. Morally Indecent Abortions Temporary dependency and the selfish brother are morally indecent, but not unethical. CONCLUSION Abortion is sometimes permissible, but not always. Permissibility is in detaching the fetus, not in the right to secure its death....
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