Micheal Tooley’s Cloning

Micheal Tooley’s Cloning - Cloning to Save...

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Micheal Tooley’s “Moral Status of Cloning Humans” Intristically wrong = wrong in and of itself Right to genetically unique nature Case of Identical twins, God’s creation. Idea of genetically perfect world. Those against would have to agree that the perfect world is not preferable to our world. Knowing people via beacons. Right to an Open Future Genetics determines one’s future is false Considerations in Support of Cloning Persons Benefit to Society- Looks at Chess sisters and Einstein, concludes knowledge is partially hereditary, but environmental factors greatly influence. Happier and Healthier individuals- The clone will potentially live a life without disease. Childbearing with Desired Traits- Couples could choose qualities of their offspring. Childbearing and Self-Knowledge- The child will have similar psychological qualities befitting of a more productive growth of the clone. Infertility- Allow infertile couples to reproduce Homosexual couples- Allows homo couples to reproduce
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Unformatted text preview: Cloning to Save Lives- Clone to produce individuals compatible for transplants Objections to Cloning It would be wrong to create mindless organ banks. Tooley claims that the clones can be created without minds, and are not real people and the idea that it would destroy a potential for personhood is unsound. The Cloning of Humans to Produce Persons Wrong to person created- no, only rights involved is those of the donor. Brave New World- the idea that one could produce an army is absurd. Psychological Distress- The clone may feel distress because of their lacking uniqueness but the fact remains the clone can compare themselves to their donor and realize that premise is wrong. Failing to Treat Individuals as Ends in Themselves- Note the many unplanned children who endingly, are deeply loved by their parents. Interfering with Personal Autonomy- It may be wrong to tinker with biological autonomy. But, its alright to tinker in attempts to prevent disease. Premise is false....
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Micheal Tooley’s Cloning - Cloning to Save...

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