3 Outline - Chapter three- Stoichiometry (quantitative...

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Chapter three- Stoichiometry (quantitative aspects of chem. Formulas and rxns) Stoich- the study of quantitative aspects of chem formulas and rxns Mole (SI unit for amt) 1 mol = 6.022 x10^23 (avagondros num) mass of 12C is 12 amu/atom or 12g/mol = atomic mass of ele in amu is numerically the same as mass of one mol atoms in grams. Molar mass h20= 18g/mol- mass per mole of its entities Ele Monoatomic ele (ele that occur as individual atoms) # from PT in g/mol Molecular ele – sum together Cmpds – the molar mass of a cmpds the sum of the molar masses of the atoms of the ele Converting moles mass and # chem entities EQN Mass (g)= # moles x (# grams/ 1 mol) # of moles = mass (g) x (1 mol/ # grams) # entities = # moles x (6.022x10^23entities/1 mol) # moles= # of entities x (1 mol/ 6.022x10^23) Converting moles of ele- (mass-mole-number relationships of ele) Btwn amt (mol) and mass (g) use Molar mass (M in g/mol) Btwn amt (mol) and # of entities use Avo’s (entities/mol) For ele as molecules use molecular formula to find atoms/mols Converting Moles of Cmpd Pic 72, 73 Mass percent from chem formula Mass% of ele X= (atoms of X in formula x atomic mass of X (amu)/ molecular (or formula) mass of cmpd) x 100 3.2 Empirical formulas Divide by the smallest subscript or multiply by the smallest number
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3 Outline - Chapter three- Stoichiometry (quantitative...

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