0. Game of life

0. Game of life - universe came from some basic physical...

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Kaitlyn Myers Phil 1000 Game of Life Extra Credit Paper In playing the “Game of Life”, I thought the whole thing was way too  simple to become analogous to our universe. My first concern was the very  limiting nature of the very simple rules. Under such basic guidelines I assumed  that the blocks would grow at a rather exponential rate but found the rules were  more inclined to limiting the population. I found this interesting because I thought  it moreso illustrated how something as complex as the universe cannot come  from randomness. Many think that the results produced reveal that something  can come from random existence and basic rules, but I found that it was rare that  after a few hundred generations if anything existed. So, considering the rarity of a  sustainable population, I feel that it is a greater leap of faith to believe that the 
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Unformatted text preview: universe came from some basic physical laws than to believe that this all purposefully came from some intelligent being. I understand that this shows that randomness can produce some sort of existence, but I feel that it takes too many conditions to be in perfect harmony to conjure up an existence like ours. Although I was disappointed by the game (I was hoping it would create a valid premise for the whole randomness theory), I did enjoy the gun design. I also read on wikipedia that this could be turned into a two-player game because of which, I have gained a greater appreciation for old school Pong and Mario Brothers. In conclusion, I feel that this game was an awesome application of mathematics in its day, but today is outdated and lacking in philosophical stimulation....
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0. Game of life - universe came from some basic physical...

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