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Peter Singer’s “Famine, Affluence, and Morality” Talks about current Bengal situation (1971) where no governments give appropriate funds. Assumes dying from lack of food, shelter or medical care is bad. Argues that if it is one’s power to prevent something bad from happening by sacrificing anything of comparable moral importance, one should act. (Pond and child example) No morally relevant difference in helping your neighbor and helping someone across the world. Inactivity is easily done when widely committed, and is the cause of the world’s great evils. Discuss $5 charity. Premise is hypothetical whereas conclusion is not. Do more, not less. Misnomer of charity. Discusses buying nice clothes. Potentially its good to make others happy, but not wrong not to do so. There is no condemnation for not giving. The societal status of charity may be caused by the lacking necessity of helping people outside of one’s
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Unformatted text preview: society. Supererogatory- good act, more than just moral, super moral. Decide the line btwn conduct that is required and conduct that is good, but not required where the best situation results. Discusses Utilitarianism- work to limit mass suffering. Quotes Thomas Aquinas Government shouldn’t take over all charity. Its not just the government’s responsibility. Discusses the “population control” opponent. There are more orthodox ways of preventing future famine and there is little evidence on future events. Marginal utility- amount of money everyone gives. Consumer society would slow down or disappear completely which may be good because as its evaluated, its shown to have negative effects on society’s members. Current affaires do concern philosophers. But discussion is not enough, one must take their conclusions seriously hopefully, causing practice and theory to unite....
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