Alastair Norcross Pigs

Alastair Norcross Pigs - 5 Puppiness(mentions puppy status...

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Alastair Norcross “Puppies, Pigs, and People” Story of Fred Fred got into a car accident, can’t taste chocolate. Abuses puppies for chemical  produced. We intuitively grasp that Fred is immoral, and eating meat is also  immoral.  Morally Relevant Difference 1. Tortures puppies personally, rather than employing another 2. Consumers are unaware unless reading article 3. Personal behavior will have no impact  a. Uses idea of Alabama coffee mousse, and ideals behind actions  matter, not necessarily their impact b. Reveals statistics and impact of individuals (mentions the safety  measures taken in airplanes) 4. Distinguishes btwn suffering as necessary and byproduct (uses Drano to  disprove, mentions Doctrine of Double Effect)
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Puppiness (mentions puppy status, Korea, loyalty) The Texan’s Challenge Texan’s think not supporting farming industry is immoral and maintain that a difference exists between animals and humans Humans vs. Animals- Ethical Status The Rationality Gambit Many think humans have moral status bc we think and are rational. The Challenge of Marginal Cases Marginal Cases- Humans lacking normal capacities (infants and disabled) Treatment of marginal cases, by opposing theorists, should be equal to treatment of animals Uses case of eternal judgment 5 vs. 5 The only question is if one can suffer Agent and Patient- The Speciesist’s Central Confusion Moral Agents vs. Moral Patients...
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Alastair Norcross Pigs - 5 Puppiness(mentions puppy status...

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