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1d Copywrights Response - described Just as the law...

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Beckwith 1 Noor Beckwith Preceptor: Zachary Sifuentes Expository Writing 20: A Voice of One’s Own February 2008 The Copywrights Response There was one salient idea in the Saint-Amour reading that I thought could apply to my Arac essay more than any other. It actually appeared on the first page where the author states that “The law undertakes this enrichment of the public domain, fascinatingly, by charting a detour through private property” (1). Here my application could lie not in the direct factual content, but in the method of goal achievement
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Unformatted text preview: described. Just as the law counterintuitively shores up one social domain by working through its opposite, so does Arac shore up his logical argument about the N-word’s dangerous power by working through the realms of the visceral, experiential, and emotional. There were some other ideas that I came across that seemed like they could perhaps apply, but this was by far the most obvious for me....
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