syllabus PS201 student version 1-9-08

syllabus PS201 student version 1-9-08 - POLITICAL SCIENCE...

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P OLITICAL S CIENCE 201 S PRING 2008 C ONTEMPORARY P OLITICAL T HOUGHT Brooke A. Ackerly Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3:10-4 Location: Calhoun 423 Office: 329 Calhoun Hall, 322-6231 Office and Email Hours: Monday 1:3-2, Friday 1:15-3 and by appointment. Tea, Cookies and Conversation: Generally, Friday 1:15-3 email: Please put PS201 in the subject line. Please change the subject to remove “Re:” if you are responding to me. I get more than 50 emails a day, 50% of these have “re” as the beginning of the subject line. I don’t want your message to be buried. Final Paper due: April 21, via email. Process Pack due: April 21, 5pm in Calhoun 301 mail box or under the door of Calhoun 329. No trees should be destroyed in the creation of this process pack. It should include only those items that you print as part of your process. Class contact #1: _____________________________ Class contact #2: _____________________________ Class contact #3: _____________________________ Course Description The basic theoretical building blocks of the contemporary United States legal system and of US approaches to globalization are Liberalism and Democracy and the related values of freedom and equality. In this course students will be exposed to contemporary liberalism, libertarianism, communitarianism, multiculturalism, feminism, and deliberative democracy (from both liberal and critical perspectives).
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We will assess the ability of these contemporary political theories to help us think through issues in mainstream contemporary politics. The general format will be occasional short lectures as necessary to set up the context of each author and student-led open discussion. Course requirements 1. All course work is cumulative, inclusive of reading and class discussion. This means that you are always responsible for all of the material through the date of the class assignment. This includes knowing all classmates’ names. 2. All reading. Abstracts will be discussed in class 3 and will be the basis for the quizzes. Regularly, before or after class, and especially if you miss class, compare abstracts with a classmate. 3. 2 in class quizzes (5%) – I will count the higher of the two grades. 4. 2 400 word papers – due February 29 (no class meeting) and March 28 (no class meeting) (10%, 10%). 5. Class exercise – due March 26 (no class meeting) handed in via email (5%). 6. Lead one class discussion of a contemporary issue (30%). 7. Participate in the discussions, particularly those lead by your classmates (10%). 8. One final paper of at least seven and no more than ten pages and one process pack of the final paper (30%). 9. Final Presentation – MAX 4 minute statement of the thesis of your final paper. 10.
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syllabus PS201 student version 1-9-08 - POLITICAL SCIENCE...

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