Chapter 24 - Chapter 24 Environmental Policy Law and...

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Chapter 24: Environmental Policy, Law, and Planning What is policy? - Is a plan about action or inactions that intend to accomplish something - Policy making is about getting things done in the face of many competing interests with often conflicting goals. - Good policy makers try to see all sides of an issue and craft a suite of “best” choices Environmental Policy Environmental Policy: official rules and regulations concerning the environment that are adopted, implemented, and enforced by a governmental agency. - Also encompasses public opinion. Politics as Power - Politics is a struggle among competing interest groups as they strive to shape public policy to suit their own agendas The elite (with resources and access to power) often win, but not always. Ideals and values (civil rights, clean air and water laws…) are very powerful. - Rational Choice: greater benefits than costs o In choosing between policy alternatives, preference should be given to those with the greatest cumulative welfare and the least negative impacts. Arguments Against Rational Choice (in your book) - Conflicting views cannot be compared. - Few agreed-upon broad social goals. - Lawmakers not motivated by broad societal goals (rather, self interest, money, etc.) - Large investments create “path dependence”…Inertia that closes off future alternatives - Uncertainty drives policy makers toward what worked in the past. ** - Costs and benefits difficult to calculate
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- Segmented nature of large bureaucracies makes coordinated decision making hard Environmental Rights National Environmental Policy Act (1970) - Authorizes Council on Environmental Quality as the oversight board - Directs federal agencies to take environmental consequences into account during decision making. -
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Chapter 24 - Chapter 24 Environmental Policy Law and...

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