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raging bull paper - Lonely Bull In life there have always...

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Lonely Bull - In life there have always been and will always be certain individuals that simply aren’t meant to co-exist and live at the same cultural level as the norm. Jake La Motta was a celebrity in Manhattan through the 40’s and 50’s and much like the stars of today, he was never able to co- exist in the ways that you and I do. In the movie Raging Bull , director Martin Scorsese takes a true story from the autobiographical book by Jake La Motta and creates a film praised by the majority of its spectators. The film itself provides a twisted version of equilibrium in the ‘classic Hollywood’ plot sequence, equilibrium – disequilibrium – re-establishment of equilibrium. The twisted bit is that the equilibrium of this 1980 film is this boxer’s isolation before and after his career. The background music in the opening scene gives an impression of hope and promise with the strings of Mascagni's "Cavalleria Rusticana : Intermezzo". The song is a beautiful piece from an opera by Italian composer Pietro Mascagni. As beautiful as it is, this powerfully epic composition does nothing more than fool emotions as we see the solitary hero ‘dancing’ in slow motion imprisoned by the horizontal ‘bars’ of the ring. In the opera, the song is played when the square is empty after the village teamster, Alfio, finds out his wife betrayed him with another man. This is just before Alfio challenges the man to a duel and kills him. Although the song feels hopeful it is most definitely a lonely piece. For this reason it fits very well with the opening scene. Another reason that may play a part in why Scorsese chose this piece is that Pietro Mascagni and La Motta are both Italian. This first scene sets the mood and feeling for the rest of the movie in complete black and
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raging bull paper - Lonely Bull In life there have always...

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