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Sawaya 1 Nick Sawaya Kim Jaxon English 130; Sec 63 31 April 2007 Title IX: Who Does it Really Affect? When I first came to Chico State in August of 2006 I found myself asking the question, “what happened to the Chico State football team?” So I asked a few older students what the reason was for the football programs termination and I received the same answer from all of them, which was Title IX. It was not necessarily Title IX’s fault, but in all of these students minds Chico State football was cancelled due to Title IX. Throughout the coarse of the school year I have started to hear more and more about the topic, but I still didn’t know exactly what the law was about. This semester I gained a chance to become really informed about Title IX and also able form my own opinion about the subject. I will discuss the affects since Title IX’s implement in 1972 and I will also discuss what other reasons besides Title IX helped append to the termination of Chico State’s football program. With this paper I plan to explain the different views of Title IX and how they are being dealt with. My purpose for writing this paper is to gain a full understanding of Title IX and really recognize the reasons for its implementation. Title IX was implemented in 1972 to help end sex discrimination in publicly funded schools by allowing women to have the same amount of opportunities as men to excel in any education program or any activity receiving Federal financial assistance. Under the current law schools are allowed to meet Title IX requirements in one of three ways. The first and safest is pretty much a quota system that schools organize their ratio
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Sawaya 2 of athletes in proportion to the male-female ratio on campus. This means if the school is 60 percent female then 60 percent of the athletes also have to be female. It also means that if there are 2,500 male athletes then there has 2,500 female athletes. The second way does not use a quota system as long as the school is moving toward the quota system by keeping a constant "history and continuing practice" of expanding opportunities for female athletes. The third way is to make sure that the female athletes have been "fully and effectively accommodated" to their interests and abilities. When interpreted, this third way means that an institution cannot deny a female student the opportunity to play the sport of her choice simply because the school does not offer the sport. If the school does not offer the sport she will obously have to recruit more female players to create a team if the sport requires more than one athlete. I believe this quota system is flawed because on one hand it is great for women because they can never be denied from playing any sports, but on the other hand it is really hard for men to play sports because the quota system causes a dramatic loss in the number of spots on male athletic teams. The system is not flaud because women don’t deserve to play sports it is flaud because men cannott play sports. Title IX was great for
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Large_resaerchessay - Sawaya 1 Nick Sawaya Kim Jaxon...

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