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ENGL 130: Academic Writing Spring 2008 Section 20 – MW 4:00-5:15pm, Butte 225 Instructor: Hilary Tellesen Office: Taylor Hall 107F Office phone: 898-6898 Office Hours: MW 5:15-6pm, and by appointment Email: [email protected] Academic Writing Program (AWP) website: http://www.csuchico.edu/engl/awp/ Course Description English 130, “Academic Writing,” is a core General Education course that introduces you to the challenges of university level writing, reading, and critical thinking. This course uses writing to develop your scholarly curiosity. To do this, instructors focus on 2. deepening your research skills, 3. developing your ability to read and respond to difficult texts, and 4. helping you through the writing process in a social, collaborative, revision- focused environment. All writing-intensive GE courses require a minimum of 2,500 words, and students enrolled in English 130 must demonstrate the ability to criticize, analyze, and advocate ideas with persuasive force in writing. A grade of C- or better is needed to pass this course. Please visit the Academic Writing Program website (http://www.csuchico.edu/engl/awp/ ) for further information about 130, sample research essays from former 130 students, information about your instructor, and other materials to help you succeed in the course. Our Section of 130: Writing for the Public Sphere “Democracy begins in conversation.” –John Dewey English 130 asks you to write a lot—to examine issues that you care deeply about, and to write about issues that have relevance for the time in which we live. Along with Chico State, colleges across the country are asking students to think about the health of our democracy, the goals of our nation, and how our personal, scholarly and civic identities inter-relate. Universities see themselves as having a responsibility to respond to the larger debates of our time, and certainly our culture is debating vigorously issues of rights, freedoms, and civic responsibility as it exists at home and extends globally. This is especially true now that we are preparing for the upcoming Presidential election. In 2008 we will have the first Presidential election since 1952 in which no incumbent president or vice president is running, and so the opportunity for you to have a real voice in making
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change has arrived (Bowen, “CA Voter Guide”). Given this critical time in our nation’s history, you will spend the semester developing your writing and research skills to better understand the political issue that concerns and interests you the most, and to more clearly identify what role you want to play in addressing that issue. This work will be taking place in several other English 130 sections as well, and will have as the culminating experience a discussion—what we’re calling a Town Hall Meeting—on May 7 th . The topic of the Town Hall Meeting will be, “What Matters in the 2008 Presidential election?” Students in these sections of 130 will participate in the discussion groups on issues you have researched and written about, and
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english 130 - ENGL 130 Academic Writing Spring 2008 Section...

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